Hello Team,

I was disappointed I was not able to participate in the San Francisco walk
(due to work commitments) but still had a lot of fun walking in the Los
Angeles 3-day. This is my second walk and it did not compare to the SF
walk. SK walkers' rock! The hype and camaraderie was not quite the same
but I still had a lot of fun. We even got a little bit of rain on the
second day. I bragged to the LA walkers what great teams we had in the bay
and of course about pretty woman guy.
To my surprise on the third day as I was beginning my walk and still
convincing myself I was not in pain and I really did not have blisters and
that the pain shooting up my thigh was all apart of my imagination I started
the hear the rocky theme music, then I spotted the black truck and then a
man in a pink wig. Yes! It was pretty woman guy and his wife (please
forgive me, I cannot remember her name). Then a few miles down the road I
see a convertible decked out in pink decor and a few hot mamas sporting pink
jackets and pink wings-it was none other than the Warming Hut Hotties of San
It was a pleasant surprise to see them and really helped me get through the
last day. I truly enjoyed myself but very very happy to be back in the bay.
I look forward to future trainings, walks and activities with all the
wonderful Divas in the bay.